Collaborate with a leading commercial Solar Company service provider in Johannesburg

Are you looking for a solar company service provider in Johannesburg who can meet your requirements?

Solarcare has installation experience in diverse areas and for a variety of purposes. With over ten years of experience, we have deployed and implemented solar projects to commercial and industrial businesses. With an ongoing energy crisis in the country our clients have been able to adopt clean energy solutions, improved their energy security, reduced on costs as well as improve their carbon footprint.

As many Solar Companies in Johannesburg are at the forefront of this technology, Solarcare offers a 20-year warranty on our solar panels in addition to access to our top trained engineers that continuously work to the latest advances as future improvements are expected in the field.

This year Johannesburg was gripped by the largest power crisis that not only negatively affected companies but the economy as well.  For many businesses unreliable electricity has continued to reduce productivity and profitability even as power rations continue across the country.

Working with Solarcare to transition your business to a more reliable and sustainable energy plan will ensure a return on investment as you seek consistent energy supply.

Solarcare is a Leading Solar company in Johannesburg, South African providing renewable energy solutions and EPC’s with turnkey construction services for solar plan installation. We have implemented the solution to companies such as Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa, Piet Retief mall, Joubert en Seuns, the Nicolway Mall among others


Collaborate with a leading Solar Company service provider in Johannesburg

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